Small Birthday Marquee and 10 Latex Balloons

Sale price$44.99

The average SUV holds around 72 inflated balloons. The average car holds around 24 inflated balloons. Balloons last their longest kept at room temperature. We do not recommend leaving inflated balloons in vehicles for long periods of time.


  • Item description: 18" balloon, 16" numbers, and a three-tiered base with 10 helium-filled latex balloons.
  • Available for pick-up at any Pop Party location.
  • Local delivery available.
  • This item can NOT be shipped.
  • Balloons not picked up will not be eligible for a refund.
  • This item can last for days and even weeks if properly cared for! An educated balloon specialist is always available during store hours for any specific questions regarding ordering and the proper care of balloons.

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